October 7th, 2011

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Посмотрите что с мышами делают.... твари...

EU Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics in Jeopardy--Act Now

вот они эксперименты ваши, на животных! Хотите еще? Только не забудьте, что эта Боль к вам вернется.

For nearly a decade, the European Union (EU) has been on track to ban
all animal testing of cosmetics. But that ban is now in jeopardy!

2003, in a major victory for animals, it became illegal to conduct
tests on animals for cosmetics in Europe. In 2009, a ban on the sale of
many animal-tested cosmetics went into effect. The final deadline to ban
the marketing of all cosmetics tested on animals is March 2013, after
which the shelves of every shop and Internet supplier in Europe will be
free of animal-tested cosmetics.

The sales ban also means that
non-EU companies wishing to export their products have to change their
animal-testing ways as well. This commercial pressure has driven the
development of effective and humane non-animal test methods, which can
also be used for some drugs and other chemicals, preventing even more
animal suffering. Most importantly, the ban puts animals' lives and
well-being before vanity.

But now the EU is considering delaying
the 2013 deadline for years, perhaps indefinitely, thus wiping out the
motivation for cosmetics companies to develop alternatives and
condemning tens of thousands of guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and mice to
suffering and death. There is no good reason for this delay.

let the European Commission know that you stand with the majority of
Europeans who want no delay, no compromise, and no cosmetics tests on

We will gather your messages and present them in person.



The late Steve Jobs may have been known for his signature black
turtleneck, but it is for his green diet that he probably will be most
fondly remembered by peoplewho care about animals. The Apple cofounder,
who died yesterday, was a vegetarian and a longtime health advocate who reportedly once handed out containers of carrot juice at Halloween.

We remember Jobs for so many innovative ideas, including Apple's iPhoto facial recognition software,
which recognizes the faces of cats in addition to those of humans,
reflecting the importance of companion animals in our homes and hearts.
PETA also recently recognized Jobs for what he didn't do: He refused to sell a gruesome app on Apple's app store called iSealClub—which involved, as the name suggests, bashing cartoon seals over the head with clubs.

Let's also not forget that Jobs' Pixar film studio created
heartwarming and thought-provoking movies about unlikely animal heroes,
such as A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo, and he ended Disney's 10-year agreement with McDonald's
to promote its films with movie-themed toys in Happy Meals after the
entertainment giant merged with Pixar. As the vegetarian sharks in Finding Nemo said, "Fish are friends, not food." Finding Nemo's
fish-friendly theme earned Pixar an award  from PETA, as did Jobs'
other accomplishments that helped change animals' lives for the better.
And if his movies or his lifestyle inspired even one person to become a
vegetarian, he no doubt saved hundreds of animals' lives, and for that
we thank him.

We invite you to post a message on the True Friends Memorial peta2 has created to honor Steve Jobs.

Posted by PETA