September 29th, 2011

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The city Lysychansk in Eastern Ukraine is shooting and burning animals alive as part of Football Preparations for Eurofoot 2012.

Demand that President Viktor Yanukovych stop this atrocity. »

The captured animals are thrown alive into the mobile
oven in temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius. According to locals, the
dogs and cats are burned alive.

When she heard this story, Care2 activist Nyack C. created a petition. She writes:

How is it authorities can ignore the Law on Cruelty to Animals
and systematically exterminate animals by shooting and burning them
alive in a mobile crematorium? Help us stop this animal holocaust and
sign the petition letting Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych know the
world is aware he is allowing this.

Save the dogs and cats of the Ukraine from being burned alive. »

Thank you for taking action!

Kathleen J.

Care2 Campaign Team
Take action link: