June 7th, 2011

Fuck you and Byyye!  )))


 Dying for iced tea? The animals used in the cruel tea tests conducted by the company that makes Nestea are. The tea producer has caused animals to suffer and die simply to investigate the possible health benefits linked to tea products and ingredients, even though humane and more reliable tests are available. We need your help to stop these cruel tests now!



Experimenters injected mice with enough toxic chemicals to give them diabetes, then force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, the maker of Nestea force-fed green tea extracts to mice, then sliced open their leg muscles and decapitated them. The maker of Nestea also funded an experiment in which brain-damaged and rapidly aging mice were locked in dark chambers and given painful shocks to their extraordinarily sensitive feet. The animals were then killed. All to test tea!

We need your help to put an end to these cruel tests! Please use this form to urge the maker of Nestea to ditch its crueltea to animals and join other leading tea brands—like Lipton, Arizona, Snapple, Honest Tea, Tazo, Twinings, Stash Tea, Celestial Seasonings, Luzianne Tea, and others—that have assured PETA that they do not conduct tests on animals for tea or tea ingredients.


Tracy Habenicht
Special Projects Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals