April 19th, 2011

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Inside the Australian Wool Industry

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Many people may not make the connection between their clothing choices and animal suffering—especially when an animal is not killed outright for the fabric. Sheep and other animals used for their wool are turned into living yarn factories and are denied everything that is natural and important to them. Many sheep are victims of a barbaric operation known as "mulesing," a cruel mutilation in which chunks of flesh are cut from sheep's backsides.
Not only does choosing to buy nonwool products help animals, it also helps eliminate consumer problems that go along with wearing or using wool. Look for the many alternatives to wool that are available—including cotton, polyester fleece, synthetic shearling, and other cruelty-free fibers.
By signing the pledge below, you'll be sending a powerful message not only to the cruel wool industry but also to the designers, retailers, and others who profit from the animal suffering caused by this cruel business.

So have a heart and pledge not to wear wool!

Sheep are gentle, loving animals who—just like humans—experience fear, stress, and pain. Much of the world's wool comes from sheep who undergo "mulesing," a painful procedure in which Australian farmers cut chunks of skin and flesh from sheep's backsides, often without any pain relief, in a crude and cruel attempt to prevent a maggot infestation called "flystrike." Humane methods of flystrike prevention—such as closer monitoring of sheep and breeding sheep who are less susceptible to flystrike—are available and in use by some farmers in Australia. 

Овцы миролюбивые животные, которые как и люди чувствуют страх ,стресс и Боль. Большинство мировой шерсти мы получаем благодаря естокой и болезненной процедуре, которой австралийские фермеры подвергают своих овец! Они сдирают шерсть с овец зачастую вместе с кожей и мясом, оставляя незаживающие раны.

Have a Heart, Don't Buy Wool
Не покупайте такую шерсть! Не поддерживайте жестокое обращение с животными!

Every year, 4 million live sheep used by the Australian wool industry are exported by ship to the Middle East and North Africa for slaughter. Many of these sheep have been discarded by wool farmers because they have aged and their wool production has declined. Sheep are crowded together on multi-tiered ships for horrifying journeys across the ocean in all weather extremes. They endure filthy conditions, and many succumb to disease or starve to death. The survivors are dragged from the ships by their legs and have their throats cut while they are still conscious.

Овец перевозят через океан в ужасающих невыносимых условиях! В которых они начинают серьезно болеть и мучительно умирают. Их вытаскивают с кораблей за ноги и перерезают им глотки, заживо.
Помогите остановить этот жестокий экспорт овец и ягнят! Подпишите петиции ниже!

You can help end the barbaric mulesing mutilations and the cruel live export of lambs and sheep by immediately taking action on the alerts below.

Please also remember that the best way for you to help sheep who are mutilated and abused is to leave all wool out of your wardrobe. Sign our "Have a Heart—Don’t Buy Wool


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