April 16th, 2011

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"That Seal is Still Alive!" (Video)

The other day I sent you the attached e-mail. Our seal team in Canada has just sent back this video footage of the seal pup featured- the one who was still alive at the bottom of the sealers' boat. Video footage like this is critical to making our case that - contrary to what the Canadian government claims - the commercial seal hunt is NOT humane, the hunting regulations are NOT being followed, and that there is virtually NO enforcement. Please watch the video now. I'll warn you that it is a bit graphic, but it's crucial that we show the world the TRUTH about this hunt.


PS. Thanks to supporters like you, IFAW has made incredible progress in ending this hunt. We've succeeded in shutting down many markets for seal pelts...over 200,000 seal pups were saved last year...and only half the number of sealing boats are out hunting this year compared to last year. Our campaign is working, but it's critical that we to keep the pressure on. 
Please help us end the hunt for good by giving a donation now to save innocent animals like the seal pup in the video.

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Photo: Stop the Seal Hunt

Seal pups are dying, and I need your help right now to stop the cruelty.



Seal Hunt 2011
This bloodied and suffering seal pup waved its flipper over and over as the sealers continued piling hunted seals on the boat.


Dear Olga,

The seal hunt has just begun off the coast of Newfoundland.

Thanks to our caring supporters, IFAW's Seal Team is there documenting the cruelty, and they're heartbroken over what they're seeing. Here's a firsthand report from IFAW's Seal Campaign Director, Sheryl Fink:

"Baby seals just a few weeks old are being shot at on small pans of ice, then clubbed or hooked and brought onboard the sealing ships to be skinned. Few sealers have been checking to see if the seals are unconscious before hooking or slicing them open.

Seals are also being killed for no reason - their bodies left on the ice to rot - a clear violation of Canada's Marine Mammal Regulations.

And in one horror-show case, we saw a young seal dumped in the bottom of a small boat while the sealers kept hunting and adding other bodies to the pile. The young seal - which was not checked to make sure it was unconscious - reaches up and waves its front flipper repeatedly, clearly still alive and in terrible agony."

Defenseless seal pups and other animals need us more than ever!

Please give now.

With your continued support, our campaign to end the seal hunt is working.

Over 200,000 seals were saved last year. And this year only 27 sealing boats have joined this hunt so far - compared to 58 from last year. And this is significantly down from years past.

So we are saving seal pups from slaughter - but we need your help NOW to ensure we can keep the pressure up and end the seal hunt for good.

Please donate now to help us protect innocent animals like these defenseless seal pups.

The fate of this year's generation of seal pups is in our hands.


Fred O'Regan
IFAW President